Digital Panel Meters Series LCI508/LCI608 from Love Controls

The Series LCI508/608 Digital Panel Meters offer high performance and a multitude of features for displaying and manipulating input variables. The unit accepts analog process input, load cell and potentiometer inputs. Standard features include data hold, peak and
valley display, store function, tare function and reset. Both models offer a built-in excitation power supply.

The Series LCI508/608 can be fitted with optional output modules for control capabilities.

The Model LCI508 is designed with 31 programmable functions and a high conversion rate of 555 reads per second. Up 30 points can be set using the multipoint scaling function for non linear applications.

The Model LCI608 is designed for measuring and integrating analog signals containing two sets of information simultaneously (for example Flow and Totalization). The units can be configured to accept and display two analog input signals and allowing interaction between them. The model LCI608 offers 26 logical programmable functions

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Series LCI508 Digital Panel Meter
  Series LCI608 Digital Panel Meter