2500 Series 1/4 DIN PID Temperature Controller

Love Controls, Controllers, Temperature Controls, Process ControlsThe Love 2500 Series 1/4 DIN PID Temperature Controller provides an impressive array of features in an economical 1/4 DIN package. Features include on-off, time proportioning, proportional, PI, PD, or full PID control, all fully programmable from the front panel. Input types are selectable from a variety of thermocouples or RTDs. Outputs include Solid State Relay, Mechanical Relay, 5 VDC (ideal for driving an external SSR), or isolated 4 to 20 mA proportional current.

A water and corrosion resistant front panel (IP 66, UL Type 4), input fault timer, digital input filter, Self Tune, ramp to set point, and selectable security levels are all standard.

An optional alarm provides a full array of alarm action configurations including high alarm, low alarm, and high/low guard band alarm. Manual reset, power-up inhibit, and power interrupt reset features provide additional flexibility for the alarms.