Temperature Monitor Minco CT124
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The CT124 8-channel Temperature Monitor offers flexible protection and control of temperature-critical equipment and processes. It scans up to eight RTD's and activates four relays plus a built-in audible alarm. In a typical application, the CT124 provides early warning of possible large machine failure by monitoring the temperature of bearings, stators, transformer coils, and oil outlets. You can configure the CT124 to many other situations such as on/off control or under temperature alarms. The CT124 can even monitor and control several loops at one time since you can group input zones with output relays in any combination.

Note: The CT124 has been discontinued. The successor to the CT124 is the NEW CT224 12 Channel Monitor.
It contains more features and channels at a lower cost. See more information about the
CT224 Monitor here

CT124 Bulletin
CT124 Manual
CT124 Setup Worksheet