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Mod-Tronic is your one-stop source for Temperature Sensors, Heaters and Instruments for stator winding and bearing protection in electric motors, generators, pumps, compressors, turbines and engines. We stock thousands of RTDs, Thermocouples, Klixons, Thermistors and Anti-condensation (Space) Heaters for same day shipment! Contact us for current pricing and availability. We are in the process of adding lists of the part numbers we regularly stock for motor rewind shops to each product page. Click the links below for more information on all of our products for the rotating machinery industry. Click here to add www.RewindSensors.com to your favorites!




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Stator Winding Temperature Sensors
Stator Winding RTD and Thermocouple Sticks
Single and dual element RTDs and Thermocouples install between stator windings for continuous protection of motors and generators, Class F or Class H. Corona Resistant and hazardous area models available.
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Thermal-Ribbon™ Flexible RTDs and Thermocouples for retrofit
Add temperature protection without rewinding! Thin, flexible RTDs and thermocouples. Kapton or silicone rubber insulated. Epoxy or tape to the end turns of the winding for retrofit installations.
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Klixon® 7AM Bi-metal Thermostats for Motor Protection
A miniature, snap-acting, thermally operated device that is a proven performer in motor protection technology.
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PTC Thermistors
PTC Thermistors (3 wired in series or singles) in temperature ranges from 60°C to 180°C.
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Single PTC Thermistors also available, call to
Bearing Temperature Sensors
RTD and Thermocouple Bearing Probes
Tip-sensitive (260°C) probes with both stainless steel and fiberglass sheath, Isolated Tip probes. Single and dual elements.
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Temperature Sensor Accessories
Stainless Steel and brass compression fittings, Spring-loaded holders, Thermowells and Connection Heads.
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RTD and Thermcouple Sensor Assemblies for bearings
Standard, easy-to-order bearing RTD and Thermocouple assemblies.
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Miniature Bearing Embedment RTDs and Thermocouples
Small, rugged RTDs and thermocouples. Install in bearings for early warning of overheating. A variety of sizes to fit most bearing or Bolt-on applications. Single or dual elements. Hazardous area models.
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Anti-Condensation (Space) Electric Motor Heaters
Wire-Element Silicone Rubber Heaters (235°C)
Rugged design, uniform heat, economical in large sizes 1" or 2" wide and up to 72" long
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Metal Clad Mica Strip Heaters (480°C)
Rugged design, uniform heat, Various termination styles,CSA and CE certified.

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Temperature Instruments for Electric Motors
CT224 12 Channel Temperature Monitor
Ability to monitor 12 inputs, and mix and match RTD, thermocouple and other 4 to 20 mA signals
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CT124 8 Channel Temperature Monitor
8 Channel RTD Monitor, 5 programmable relay outputs plus audible alarm
Discontinued - replaced by CT224 above
See CT224 above
MT300 3 Channel Temperature Monitor
3 Channel RTD or Thermocouple Monitor, 3 programmable relay outputs plus audible alarm
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1 and 2 Channel Temperature Alarms
RTD and Thermocouple input microprocessor based controllers
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