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When quality and performance are as important as price... you can count on our proven brands! This has been our company motto since 1972 and 41 years later we pride ourselves more than ever on providing our customers with high quality products at competitive prices.

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New Products:

MT300 3 Channel Transformer Temperature Monitor

MOD-TRONIC’s MT300 consists of a 3-channel transfomer temperature monitor and alarm system that controls three relay outputs based on user-programmable set points to help safeguard expensive machinery.

The MT300 offers users a completely programmable monitor and alarm with improved measurement range and universal inputs. The microprocessor-based design maintains accuracy over a wide range of temperatures and conducts regular self-checks to ensure correct operation. Additionally, one of the relay outputs is specifically designed for control of a cooling fan, and the user-configurable fan exercise option extends the fan life and reduces bearing lock-up.

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Shinko temperature controllers, recorders, signal conditioners, portable instruments, power controllers, digital indicators, solid state relays for temperature and process control

SHINKO Temperature and Process Controllers

We are the Canadian master distributor of Shinko of temperature controllers, recorders, signal conditioners, portable instruments, power controllers, digital indicators, solid state relays for temperature and process control. All Shinko products are designed and manufactured in Japan to the highest standards of quality and reliability including ISO9001. Shinko has been building quality products for over 50 years. They are backed by a 3 Year warranty and years of practical field experience.

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The UM-600 6-channel universal monitor reads both absolute and differential values of thermocouple, pressure (4-20 mA) and voltage inputs

• Monitors 6 channels
• Displays Absolute & Differential readings
• Accepts thermocouple, 4-20 mA & DCV inputs
• Rugged design for remote locations
• On-Board Data Logging of Alarm History with Date / Time Stamp
• Modbus Communications Protocol
• CSA Class I, Div 2 Groups A, B, C & D approved
• Reads Differentials between channels 1 & 2, 3 & 4, 5 & 6
• 5 - Digit Hourmeter Function
• Displays Engine RPM
• (2) Outputs for alarm / shutdown
• Backlit LCD Display
• Fully programmable from front keypad

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Accuenergy Acuvim-L Multi-Function Power Meter

The Accuenergy Acuvim-L Multi-Function Power Meter is the ideal choice for monitoring and controlling of power distribution system. Acuvim-L may be used as a data gathering device for an intelligent Power Distribution System or a Plant Automation System. All monitoring data is available via digital RS485 communication port running Modbus® Protocol. The quality of the power system is important with increasing use of electronic loads such as computers, ballasts or variable frequency drives. With the Acuvim-L power analysis option, any phase current or voltage can be displayed and the harmonic content calculated. By knowing the harmonic distribution, action can be taken to prevent overheated transformers, motors, capacitors, neutral wires and nuisance breaker trips. Redistribution of the system loading can also be determined.

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