Direct Drive, Optemp and Optronic Meter Relays

Which Meter Relays to order:

Beede Direct Drive Series Meter Relays

Signal source drives the meter directly.

No terminal amplifiers.

Totally isolated signal circuit.

Optional DC power input.

Standard Stock Units
Suspension Type
100A DC
786 ohms
1mA DC
50 ohms
Pivot and Jewel
50 mV DC
50 ohms
Pivot and Jewel
150V AC
1000 ohms/V
Pivot and Jewel
Z=<.1 ohms
Pivot and jewel
4-20mA DC
3 ohms
Pivot and Jewel

Beede Optemp™ Series Meter Relays

The high performance is due in part to the  built-in, solid state operational amplifier.

There's a rugged, high-torque pivot and jewel movement with non-contacting optical switching for fast response, inherent noise rejection and continuous indication.

Cold junction compensation accuracy for +25ºF to +125ºF (ambient).

Types J and K: 1% of full scale.
Others: accuracy specs depends on application.

Upscale thermocouple break protection is standard.

Recorder output is available.

High impedance input allows small gauge thermocouple runs up to 100 ohms without adjustment.

There's electrical cold junction compensation, thermocouple break protection, and dial scales show both ºF and ºC.

Other Pyrometers built to your requirements:

  • Thermistor input.
  • Platinum, Nickel, Copper RTD's.
  • 2, 3 OR 4 Wire connections.
Standard Thermocouple Pyrometers
Range & T/C Type
Range & T/C Type
-75 to +225ºF (T)
0 to 1000ºF/500ºC (J)
0 to 300ºF/150ºC (J)
0 to 1500ºF/800ºC (K)
0 to 500ºF/260ºC (J)
0 to 2000ºF/1100ºC (K)
0 to 750ºF/260ºC (J)
0 to 2500ºF/1370ºC (K)

Beede Optronic Series Meter Relays

For special measurement and control applications:
  • Frequency
  • Resistance
  • AC Volts
  • Millivolts
  • Microamperes

Feature signal conditioning circuits using accurate, highly stable amplifiers designed to accommodate nearly any electrical signal source.

Add in the multitude of available options and you can get one to do anything you want to do, even if you never thought you were going to be able to do it before.

That's what Beede's for.

Standard Optronic Packages:
  • DC Millivoltmeter
    (5mV and up)
  • AC Millivoltmeter
    (10mV and up)
  • AC Motor Load Current Meter
  • DC Microammeter
    (10mA and up)
  • Frequency Meter
    (power line)
  • Expanded Scale AC Voltmeter
  • Megohmmeter