How to Order Beede Electrical Instrument Co. Meter Relays

When ordering Meter relays please include the following information.
  1. complete Meter relay model identification number
  2. direct drive, optemp or optronic
  3. choice of options
  4. single input information
A-Input Power
A-00 Standard 115/230 VAC @ 47 to 63hz
A-01 12 to 24 VDC
A-10 -30 to +80VDC
B-Relay Operating Logic
B-00 Standard "Fail Safe"
B-01 Reversed High and Low
B-02 Reversed Low only (High-High)
B-03 Reversed High only (Low-Low)
B-04 Single High Construction, Low operation
B-05 Delayed relay switching-single set pt.
B-06 Delayed dual relay switching-double set pt.
B-07 Delayed low relay switching-double set pt.
C-Load Relay Connection Configuration
C-20 Double Set Point (2 S.P.D.T. Relays)
          Single Set Point (1 D.P.D.T. Relay)
C-21 D.P.D.T. Relay For Each Set Point
C-22 D.P.D.T. High Relay, S.P.D.T. Low Relay
C-23 S.P.D.T. High Relay D.P.D.T. Low Relay
C-24 Signal Source For Remote Meter
C-91 High relay output is reversed
C-93 C-20 For Use With Option Board
C-97 High and low relay outputs reversed
D-Built-in Alarm Lights & Reset Switches
         LEFT SIDE                                  RIGHT SIDE                      D-00 None                                                     None
D-01 -                                                              Light "On" Above High S.P.
D-02 Light "On" Below Low S.P.            -
D-03 Light "On" Below Low S.P.            Light "On" Above High S.P.
D-04 -                                                              High S.P. Reset Switch
D-05 Low S.P. Reset Switch                   -
D-06 Reset Switches both Low & High S.P.'s
D-07 High S.P. Reset Switch w/Light "On" Above High S.P.
D-08 Low S.P. Reset Switch w/Light "On" Below Low S.P.
D-09 Low S.P. Reset Switch w/Light "On" Above High S.P.
D-10 High S.P. Reset Switch w/Light "On" Below Low S.P.
D-11 Light "On" Below High S.P.
D-12 Light "On" Above Low S.P.
D-14 Light "On" Above High S.P.
         Single Switch Resets Both Latch Circuits
F-Special Features
F-01 MR2 Tamperproof single set pt.
          MR4 Screwdriver adjustable Single set pt.
F-02 Preset High/Adjustable Low set pt.'s
F-03 Fixed Differential SP's
F-04 Fixed Position single set pt.
F-06 Preset Low/Adjustable High set pt.'s
F-07 Rear Terminal Board Safety Cover
F-08 MR2 Tamperproof double set pt.
          MR4 Screwdriver Adjustable double set pt.
F-09 MR4 Single Low set pt. with left hand knob
          MR2 Single Low set pt.
F-10 Dust & Splash Resistant
H-Latching Modes
H-00 Standard High and Low Latching Provided
H-01 High Latching Only
H-02 Low Latching Only
H-03 No Latching Provided
H-04 High Relay Unlatches Low Set
          Low Relay Unlatches High Set
H-05 thru H-09 NOT USED
H-10 Delayed Latch, Both Set Points
H-11 Delayed Latch, High Set Points Only
H-12 Delayed Latch, Low Set Point Only
J-Additional Options*
J-01 Thermistor Bridge Input
J-02 RTD Bridge Input
J-03 AC current Measurement (direct)
J-04 Thermocouple Input
J-05 DC Millivolt Meter
J-06 Multiple Thermocouple Average
J-08 AC Motor Load
J-10 Megohmmeter
J-11 4-wire RTD Input
J-12 DC Microammeter
J-13 Adj. Freq. Current Source
J-14 +- 15VDC Output
J-15 Input Signal Suppression
J-21 Analog DC Output
* with some J-options input power is limited to either 115 or 230VAC

Model Identification
MR  __ - __ __ - __ __ - __ __
first space = model "2"
second space = set points "1"(single) "2" (double)
third space = size "3" (3 inch) "4" (4 inch)
fourth & fifth spaces = case type & mounting
                         "05" MR2 Surface Mount
                         "06" MR2 Behind Panel Mount
                         "07" MR4 Surface Mount
                         "08" MR4 Behind Panel Mount
                         All above are CENTURION style
                         "13" MR4 QA Surface Mount
sixth & seventh spaces = package type
                         "00" Standard, complete unit
                         "01"Optical element only
                         "02" Separate Control PackageEXAMPLE:
MR 4 - 2 4 - 0 7 - 0 1Model MR4, Double Set Point, 4" Size Centurion surface mount, Optical Element Only

Mod Center/Distributor Service

For fast delivery of our most popular models in quantities of 25 or less per order, contact your local Beede Meter Modification/Distribution Center. In addition to off-the-shelf availability of meter relays, the Mod Center can provide you with application assistance and design special meter scales or ranges to suit your particular need.