Series DPG-100 Digital Pressure Gauge
±0.25% Full Scale Accuracy, NEMA 4X Housing

Series DPG-100 Digital Pressure Gauge from Dywer Instruments

Replace your outdated analog gages with the new Series DPG-100 Digital Pressure Gage. The Series DPG-100 has a high ±0.25% full scale accuracy. The 4 digit digital display will reduce the potential for errors in readings by eliminating parallax error commonly produced with analog gages.

Series DPG-100 is battery powered and has an auto-shut off to conserve battery life. Battery life, on average, will last 2000 hours. A 4 button key pad allows easy access to features without the need to work through complex menus or difficult key combinations. These features include backlight, peak and valley, tare or auto zero and conversion of the pressure units.


  • Lab and Research
  • Compressors
  • Irrigation Equipment
  • Analog Gage Calibration
  • Gas Mixing for Scuba Diving