Series ES Digital Electronic Pressure Switch
Ranges from 60 to 3000 psi, Adjustable Deadband, Weatherproof

Series ES Electronic Pressure Switch is proven reliable, even in the toughest industrial applications. The switch uses a thin film pressure sensor that is rated for 10,000,000 cycles at the rated load, allowing the ES to outlast mechanical switches in high cycle applications. The switch is designed with narrow, adjustable deadbands that can be adjusted to less than 0.5% of range with multi-turn potentiometers. Features include status light for indication of process pressure, setpoint, reset and relay output status. Optional 3-1/2 digit LED provides local indication of process pressure. The electronics are housed in a watertight epoxy coated aluminum enclosure for additional corrosion resistance. The Series ES is ideal for pressure alarms, shutdown and control on metal stamping, presses, injection molding machines and other process equipment.