Dynalco TMP-100 Digital Incicator with 19 Channels

The Dynalco TMP-100 Multi-Point Digital Indicator accepts grounded and ungrounded thermocouples of the same type depending on model. Some versions accept all 100 ohm platinum RTDs. Integral cold junction compensation. ABS type approval. CSA approval: Class I, Div 1, Group C & D with approved 9-volt batteries.

TMP-100 Multi-Point Digital Pyrometer from Dynalco Controls








CSA Class I, Division 1, Groups A, B, C, & D approved

Dynalco TMP-100 Multi-Point Digital Pyrometer


  • Battery-powered 19-channel temperature indicator is powered by two 9- volt alkaline batteries
  • Digital readout with 1º resolution
  • Intrinsically safe. Third–party approved. No expensive hazardous enclosure required
  • Heavily gold-plated selector switch for long life, trouble-free operation
  • Integral 2-pole selector switch permits using grounded or ungrounded thermocouples.
  • Requires no external dc or ac power
  • Fits existing cutouts and mounting holes of other popular pyrometers
  • Compensation for lead lengths or lead resistances not required; use inexpensive small gauge thermocouple extension wire and save cost and
  • Fully gasketed; rugged construction.
  • Readout unaffected by power line noise and spikes (no line connections).
  • CSA Class I, Division 1, Groups A, B, C, & D approved
  • 2 year warranty
  • Also available with 24 Channels is the NEW TMP-200
TMP-100 Multi-Point Digital Pyrometer from Dynalco Controls
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Display: 3-1/2 digit (–999 to +1999), 0.5" high,
liquid crystal display, 1º increment. Brightness
increases with ambient light (no outdoors fadeout).
- Open thermocouple or RTD indicated by a
number 1 in the thousands column; all other
digits blanked.
- Momentarily pressing the front display push
button activates the display for 50 seconds.
Environment Temperature: 0ºF to +165ºF
(–18ºC to +74ºC); 0.25% maximum effect on readout.
Selector Switch: Two-pole, 19-position, double
gold plating of contacts.
Grounded or ungrounded;
integral cold junction compensation.
Thermocouple extension wire resistance of up to
100Ω introduces less than 1º error.
Accepts 2-wire RTDs only. Use with heavy
copper extension leads to minimize error, i.e., 16
AWG for up to 50 feet, 14 AWG to 100 feet.
Two common 9-volt batteries such as
Mallory M1604HD2, Eveready 1222, Ray-O-Vac
D1604. Battery life is approximately 4000 viewings,
or a couple of years, under typical operation.
Appearance of decimal points after every digit
indicates discharged batteries.
TMP-100-11 -50º to +1500ºF J (Iron-Constantan)
TMP-100-12 -45º to +815ºC J (Iron-Constantan)
TMP-100-13 -50º to +1800ºF K (Iron-Alumel)
TMP-100-14 -45º to +980ºC K (Iron-Alumel)
TMP-100-15 0º to +500ºF T (Copper-Constantan)
TMP-100-16 -20º to +260ºC T (Copper-Constantan)
TMP-100-17 0º to +500ºF E (Chromel-Constantan)
TMP-100-18 -20º to +260ºC E (Chromel-Constantan)
TMP-100-19 -300º to +800ºF 100 Ohm Pt RTD
TMP-100-20 -185º to +425ºC 100 Ohm Pt RTD