Exergen E-Series Infrared Temperature Microscanners

E-Series Microscanners for Switchgear and Electrical Equipment Scanning

Why "shoot" at hot spots one shot at a time with an IR gun, when you can scan them with rapid automatic "fire"?

  • The palm-size Microscanner "E" and "Super-E" models scan electrical equipment faster, safer and with more accuracy than "point and shoot" guns
  • Outstanding speed and color-coded display, the "E" models can scan twenty panels in the same time it takes to scan one panel with a conventional IR gun.
  • You not only can see every hot spot on the fast color-coded display, but you hear it as well with the audible heat seeker alarm!
  • Higher optical resolution, scanning can be from farther away, thus improving safety for the professional.
E-Series Microscanner Models

Microscanner E
Multi-colured bargraph display and audible alarm for quick indication of hot spots. 50:1 field of view. Measure up to 12 feet away!
( Shown without laser sight option)

Microscanner Super E
Same as the "E" above but with 200:1 field of view. Measure up to 50 feet away!
( Shown with laser sight option)
IR.1 Infrared Probe for Digital Multimeters
IR.1 Infrared Probe for Digital Multimeters
The power of infrared scanning for your electrical and electronic systems with a probe that you use with your DMM. Scanning distance up to 3 inches.
For Continuous Switchgear Monitoring See our Exertherm Product!
Exertherm Infrared Sensing System
Continuous thermal monitoring for electrical switch gear. Small, low cost, accurate, non contact.