Solid State Contactors/Power Relays, Power Controls, Mercury Displacement Contactors

Love Controls Solid-State Contactors are heavy-duty SCR switches. Ratings are 240 and 480 V, and 16, 25 and 40 A. In addition to use in original systems, these units are excellent replacements for mercury contactors because they have similar mounting and wiring needs without the shipping, disposal and toxicity problems associated with mercury. Long-term operating and maintenance costs are lower because these solid-state contactors have longer lives then mercury based contactors.
The Love Controls Power Controls offer ease of use and application in an inexpensive, easy to install package. The standard 4 to 20 mA input signal can provide zero-crossover firing to provide consistent power to your load.
The Love Controls Solid-State Power Relays and Assembled Units incorporate inverse-parallel SCR output devices in a highly reliable, noise-immune drive circuit. Zero-voltage switching reduces high inrush currents and electrical noise. Oversized output chips with an optimized thermal management system allows a narrower band of temperature excursions.
Love Mercury Displacement Contactors switch high current loads quietly and reliably. The mercury-to-metal contact arrangement reduces noise and overheating, allows rapid cycling rates up to 20 cycles per minute, and maintains quiet operation. The non-magnetic stainless steel contact tube is filled with pressurized gas to minimize arc erosion, lengthen the life of the contactor, and insure reliability.