Mercury Displacement Contactors

Mercury Displacement Contactors from Love Controls switch high current loads quietly and reliably. The mercury-to-metal contact arrangement reduces noise and overheating, allows rapid cycling rates up to 20 cycles per minute, and maintains quiet operation.

The non-magnetic stainless steel contact tube is filled with pressurized gas to minimize arc erosion, lengthen the life of the Mercury Displacement Contactors, and insure reliability.

Highly purified mercury prevents contact burning, pitting, or sticking, and provides a fresh, clean contact surface for each new closing, insuring millions of bounce free operations. The actuating coil is completely epoxy encapsulated affording minimum power consumption, better heat conduction and complete moisture-proofing. Low internal resistance and heavy duty load terminals further insure cool operation.

These Mercury Displacement Contactors fit into most applications where a mechanical relay could be used.

Mercury Displacement Contactors create less noise, last longer, and cycle faster than mechanical relays without the clatter of relay contacts.

Other applications include high voltage, low current loads such as tungsten lamps. Order in one, two, or three pole configurations, specifying load current and coil voltage.