Solid State Contactors from Love Controls

Love Controls Solid-State Contactors are heavy-duty SCR switches. Ratings are 240 and 480 V, and 16, 25 and 40 A. In addition to use in original systems, these units are excellent replacements for mercury contactors because they have similar mounting and wiring needs without the shipping, disposal and toxicity problems associated with mercury. Long-term operating and maintenance costs are lower because these Solid-State Contactors have longer lives then mercury based contactors.

Installation is easy. Compression terminals eliminate the need for lugs. A supplementary terminal between the neutral and the load is not required. These units simply snap onto symmetrical DIN rails.

Fast voltage and current changes are safely handled by two thyristors connected in inverse parallel. This combination also enables these Solid-State Contactors to handle over currents of up to 400 A for up to 10 ms.

Solid-State Contactors may be used in single- or three-phase load connections. Combining two or three units provides simple low-cost control for constant resistance three-phase loads. The operating temperature range for full rating is 0 to 45 C (32 to 113 F).