1400 Series Analog Temperature Controls

The Series 1400 Temperature Controller is a reliable, accurate and ultra-low cost analog control or alarm in a compact 1/16 DIN case. LED status and deviation indication, analog setpoint indicator and dual °F/°C scale are standard features. Inputs include J and K type thermocouples or RTDs. Alarm output is field configurable reverse acting (heating) or direct acting (cooling) and is easily adjusted for either automatic or manual reset to provide independent high or low system protection. Electronics are easily replaceable via removable front panel (just pull out - no wiring changes). Front panel meets NEMA-2 and NEMA-12.

Plastics extrusion; injection, compounding, screening, or thermoforming machinery; package sealing equipment; industrial bonding, paint application, glass manufacturing, heat treating; laboratory ovens and environmental chambers; food preparation equipment; valves, motors, HVAC, chillers, incinerators.


NOTE: The 1400 Series controller has been discontinued. For most applications it can be replaced with one of these controllers: