SCZ10 Series DIN Rail Mount Temperature Control

Love Controls, Controllers, Temperature Controls, Process ControlsThe SCZ10 Series temperature/process controls/transmitters break new ground in instrumentation technology. In a single, compact, DIN rail mount unit, you have a field progrmmable PID control or isolated transmitter, either with optional RS-485 communications capability.

Each SCZ unit has its own dual display and keypad, making process monitoring and programming a snap. The universal input allows field programming for a wide variety of sensors, making the SCZ10 one of the most flexible controls or transmitters available today.

When used as a control, the SCZ10 is available with mechanical relay, switched (pulsed) DC for SSRs, or proportional current (4~20mA) to drive motor actuators or proportional power units (SCRs). When used as a transmitter, the 4~20mA output may be scaled virtually anywhere on the input scale, allowing for the greatest application flexibility.

Options for the SCZ10 include RS-485 Serial Communication, Heater Break Alarm, and low voltage operation. The RS-485 option allows for Modbus® RTU communication with up to 32 SCZ controls/transmitters with a simple RJ-14 connection system, making wiring a breeze. Whether you are updating an old panel or designing a new system, the SCZ is the unit you need.