Mineral Insulated Thermocouples

Mineral Insulated Probes are known for their excellent mechanical durability and resistance to electrical break down. Available in outside diameters from 0.020 inch (0.5mm) to 0.500 inch (12.7mm), Mineral Insulated Thermocouples can be bent to most any angle without special equipment. Because of its flexibility, the mineral insulated material can be made to extremely long lengths, coiled for inexpensive shipment, and straightened upon arrival without damage.

Ungrounded and exposed junctions are electrically isolated from the sheath. Minimum resistance is 1.5 megohms at 500VDC.

Due to the varying sizes of connection wire and cable, a transition fitting is used between the cold end of the sheath and the connecting wires. This fitting measures 1 1/4 inch long by 1/4 in outside diameter for 1/8 inch or smaller sheaths, and 1 1/2 inch long by 3/8 inch outside diameter for 3/16 inch and 1/4 inch sheaths. Larger sheaths are usually connected to bushings or connector heads, and usually do not require transition fittings. Sheaths terminating in connectors other than wire or cable do not require transition fittings.

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Order Chart - Mineral Insulated Probes

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