Thermocouples for Plastics Machines

Injection Molding Nozzle Type

In-melt type thermocouple is designed to bolt into the injector nozzle and sense the temperature of the melt directly, and is rated to 450ºC (900ºF). The standard 3/8" hex head stainless steel body has 3/8-24 NFT threads. The sensor tip extends 1/8" beyond the end of the bolt assembly.

Not In-Melt type thermocouple is designed to screw into a blind hole in the nozzle, and is rated to 450ºC (900ºF). The standard 1/4 NFT thread fits most standard nozzles.

Injection Molding Nozzle Type

Designed for direct mounting into extruder barrels, the Bolt Type thermocouples offer easy interchangeability. Order options allow barrel penetrations of 0 inches (flush) to 1 inch in 1/100th inch increments (Specify as A dimension) and flex extension in 1 inch Increments (Specify as B dimension).

See Special Order Chart below for more details.

Order Chart - Injection Molding and Extruder Types