Sanitary Application Thermocouple Probes

Cap Style 5, 1 6AMP; fits Cherry Burrell "S" clamp fitting, Ladish-Tri Clover Tri-Clamp fitting, and Alloy Products Clamp Fitting Type.

Cap Style 6, 16APV without nut, Cap Style 7 with 13-H nut; fits Alloy Products PV Gasket Type.

Cap Style 2, 1 6A without nut, Cap Style 3, 1 6A with 1 3-H nut; fits Cherry Burrell threaded fitting, Ladish-Tri Clover Bevel Seat Fitting, and Alloy Products Bevel Seat Fitting.

Cap Style 1, 3A4; fits Partlow 3A4 Adaptor.

Cap Style 4, 1 6A1-141; fits Cherry Burrell "I" clamp fitting.

Order Chart - Sanitary Application Probes

Fill in the appropriate numbers or letters to specify the probe of your choice.

Straight Tip Sanitary Thermocouple

Straight Tip Sanitary Thermocouples, Type J

Cap Type Cap Size Part Number A=8"
3A4 2 inches DJ1141-115-080-000-000
16A-nut 2 inches DJ1241-115-080-000-000
16A+nut 2 inches DJ1341-115-080-000-000
16A1-141 2 inches DJ1441-115-080-000-000
16AMP 2 inches DJ1541-115-080-000-000
16AVP-nut 2 inches DJ1641-115-080-000-000
16AVP+nut 2 inches DJ1741-115-080-000-000

Reduced Tip Sanitary Thermocouples, Type J

Cap Type Cap Size Part Number A=8", AA=1 1/4"
3A4 2 inches DJ2141-115-080-125-000
16A-nut 2 inches DJ2241-115-080-125-000
16A+nut 2 inches DJ2341-115-080-125-000
16A1-141 2 inches DJ2441-115-080-125-000
16AMP 2 inches DJ2541-115-080-125-000
16AVP-nut 2 inches DJ2641-115-080-125-000
16AVP+nut 2 inches DJ2721-115-080-125-000

Miniature Sanitary Thermocouples and Replacement Elements

Polypropylene head 3/4 NPT conduit opening

Miniature Sanitary Thermocouples

  Complete Probe Element with 1/2NPT Hex fitting Element with no fitting
1/2" Cap DJ1512-111-040-000-000 DJ1513-111-040-000-025 DJ1510-111-040-000-025
3/4" Cap DJ1522-111-040-000-000 DJ1523-111-040-000-025 DJ1520-111-040-000-025

Sanitary Application Thermowells

Type Part Number, A=8", AA=1 1/4"
Plain/Straight D01145-005-080-000-000
Plain/Tapered D02145-005-080-125-000
Hex/Straight D01146-005-080-000-000
Hex/Tapered D02146-005-080-125-000

Type Part Number, A=12"
J 5J500-114-012-000-000-000
K 5K500-114-012-000-000-000
E 5E500-114-012-000-000-000
T 5T500-114-012-000-000-000