DTS Series Digital Temperature Switch Love

Input: PTC (1000Ω @25°C)
Probe Range: -58 to 302°F (-50 to 150°C).
Output: 16 amp SPST relay @ 250 VAC resistive
Power Requirements: 110 VAC.
Accuracy: ±1°C.
Agency Approvals: CE.
Complete Specifications

Discontinued - replace with TS Series or TS2 Series
 DTS-13010 Digital Temperature Switch (110 V, 16A, ºF)
 DTS-13011 Digital Temperature Switch (110 V, 16A, ºC)

The DTS Digital Temperature Switch is a low cost unit that performs the functions of more expensive controllers. The switch is designed for heating or cooling control. Twelve different parameters can be programmed via the push button front panel. The heating mode can be used to keep temperature above a user-defined set point or alert an operator of a low alarm condition. In contrast, the cooling mode can be used to ensure process temperature stays below the critical level or signal high alarm condition. View temperature, error and alarm messaging on the bright red, 3-digit LED display. Units accept PTC probe input (sold separately) and include fitting clips for panel mounting and instruction manual.