TSD Series Digital Temperature Switch

Input: Two 1.5-inch (4 cm) thermistor (1000 @ 25°C) with 5-foot (1.5 m) cable.
Probe Range: -58 to 302°F (-50 to 150°C).
Output:One 8 amp SPDT relay @ 250 VAC, resistive; alarm 20 mA @ 12 VDC.
Power Requirements: 110 VAC or 230 VAC, depending on model.
Accuracy: ±0.5% of probe ranges.
Agency Approvals: CE, UR, URc.
Complete Specifications

 TSD-10110 Dual Probe Input, Single Relay Output & Alarm (110 VAC,ºF)
 TSD-20110 Dual Probe Input, Single Relay Output & Alarm (230 VAC, ºF)
 TSD-21110 Dual Probe Input, Single Relay Output & Alarm (230 VAC, ºC)

The Series TSD is designed for applications requiring heating or cooling regulation. The unit includes two probes for temperature regulating and defrost control, an 8 (3) A SPDT relay output, alarm output and digital input.

The temperature switch features up to 48 programmable parameters. The user can define operational parameters such as set point, differential hysteresis, time delay, and cycle time via the 3-key tactile keypad. To simplify the programming task, 18 preset configurations can be activated by changing a single parameter. Access to all parameters, except the set point, is password protected.

The unit features local indication of the relay output and defrost status. View ambient or defrosting probe temperature on the bright red LED display. Error and alarm messages can be viewed on the display.

The Series TSD includes two probes, gasket, panel clip, snap-on terminal cover and instruction manual.