Single Phase Power Controls from Love Controls

The Love Controls 1025 and 1032 Series Power Controls offer a solid state option for controlling loads. Standard 4 to 20 mA input signal can provide phase angle firing with or without current limiting to your load. Phase angle firing is best suited to inductive loads and special types of loads such as quartz heaters or tungsten loads. The wave form for each half cycle is automatically adjusted to allow only the desired power to the load. Current limiting allows use of loads such as quartz heaters or transformers which are difficult to control by other means and can cause other types of power controllers to fail. For simple light to medium duty phase angle fire control, the 1025 Series is best for you. If you require current limiting, use the 1032 Series. For heavier loads, the 1029 Series is best for you. As with any switch device, appropriate fusing must be used. When specifying the power control you need, be sure to specify the fuses and fuse kit(s) required.


Control Mode: Single-phase; Phase-angle; RMS value of the voltage applied to the load.
Command Signal:

Signal Input Impedance
4-20 mA 200 ohms
Control Range: 6 to 97% of line voltage.
Linearity: RMS load voltage is linear within 2% of span of the command signal.
Zero and Span Adjustments: User adjustable over range of ±20% of span.
Isolation: Dielectric strength input/line & load voltage/heat sink 400V(RMS). Insulation resistance input/line & load voltage/heat sink 1010 ohms. Maximum capacitance input to output 8pf.
Cooling: Convection.
Mounting: Must be mounted on vertical surface with fins vertical. Units may be mounted adjacent to each other. Heat sink is electrically isolated.
Line Voltage: 240 or 480 VAC +10%, -20% 50/60 Hz.
Diagnostic Indicator: The intensity of an LED varies as a function of the command signal. Feature provides a quick and safe means to check controller operation.
Weight: 1025: 10 thru 40 amp - 2 lb, 70 amp - 6 lb; 1032: 10 thru 40 amp - 5 lb, 70 amp - 9 lb.
Environment: Operating: 32 to 131°F (0 to 55°C); Storage: -40 to 176°F (-40 to 80°C).
dv/dt & Transient Voltage: 200 volts/µsec minimum. A dv/dt snubber and a metal oxide varistor (MOV) are provided to protect against high frequency transients (dv/dt) and voltage spikes.
Dissipation: 1.5 watt per amp of controlled current.
Recommended Fusing: Special semiconductor fuses are not required. It is recommended that the controller and load be protected with fast acting class "T" fuses such as Bussmann type JJS or JJN fuses.