Single Phase Power Controls from Love Controls

The Love Controls 1029 Series Power Controls offer ease of use and application in a high performance, easy to install package. Standard 4 to 20 mA input signal can provide phase angle firing with current limiting to your load. Phase angle firing is best suited to inductive loads and special types of loads such as quartz heaters or tungsten loads.

The wave form for each half cycle is automatically adjusted to allow only the desired power to the load. Current limiting allows use of loads such as quartz heaters or transformers which are difficult to control by other means and can cause other types of power controllers to fail. For heavy duty phase angle fire control, the 1029 Series is your best choice for single phase switching. As with any switch device, appropriate fusing must be used. When specifying the power control you need, be sure to specify the fuses and fuse kit(s) required.


Control Mode: Single phase SCR phase-angle control.
Run & Idle Command Signal:

Command Signal Input Impedance
4 - 4/20 mA 300 ohms
If it is desired to use a current command in both the run and idle command input, the signals must either be common sourcing, or they must be isolated from one another.
Operating Voltage:
The standard control transformer has three user selectable voltage taps: 240, 480 & 575 VAC, 50/60 Hz.
Peak Forward and Reverse Voltage: 1400V.
SCR Surge Current Ratings (peak one cycle non-repetitive ITSM @ 125°C):
Controller Rating Surge Current Rating
50 & 80 Amp: 1750 Amps Peak
20 Amp: 1900 Amps Peak
160 Amp: 4000 Amps Peak
200 Amp: 4500 Amps Peak
250 Amp: 5200 Amps Peak
SCR Protection: dV/dT rating = 200 volts/microsecond. dV/dT circuit consists of a capacitor in series with a noninductive resistor. This circuit is in parallel with the SCRs. the SCRs are protected from voltage transients by a Metal Oxide Varistor.
Run/Idle Control: Output can be selected to be proportional to either the run command or the idle command by remote contacts.
Electrical Connections: Connectors for line and load are provided for copper wire from 6 ga to 250 MCM on controllers rated 50 to 425 Amps. Connectors for line and load are provided for copper wire from 1/0 to 500 MCM on controllers rate 500 to 750 Amps.
Electrical Isolation: Heatsink to supply and load voltage: 2500 Volts peak. Command signal to supply and load voltage: 1500 Volts peak.
Zero and Span: Potentiometer on the circuit board allow zero and span adjustments of ±25% of span for run and idle.
Current Limiting: A potentiometer on the circuit board allows adjustment of the current limit setting from 20% to 105% of the controller rating. (The current limit potentiometer is factory set for 105% of the rate current less otherwise specified.)
Voltage Meter Output: A filtered metering signal equals 4.8 VDC when the nominal line voltage is applied to the load. Metering load = 5 mA max.
Current Meter Output: A filtered metering signal equals 5.0 VDC when the frame rating current is applied to the load. Metering load = 5 mA max.
Gate Drive: An optically coupled current source of 250 mA with a minimum compliance of 10 volts provides the gate drives to the SCRs. Duration of "back porch" is approximately 1.4 milliseconds (60 electrical degrees).
Voltage Compensation: When using voltage feedback, the load voltage remains constant, independent of supply voltage changes within +10%, -15%.1.5 watt per amp of controlled current.
Power Dissipation: 1.5 Watts per amp of load current, per phase.