Single & Three Phase Solid State Relays Series LTP from Love Controls

Love Controls LTP Series Solid State Relays allow easy control of most resistive and some inductive loads. Available in zero-crossover or phase angle fired versions, these compact solid state relays fit in many applications.

High efficiency heat sinks allow for compact size. Combined with a convenient DIN rail mount, these SSRs will fit where others won't. The LTT SSR Monitors and LTTJ Current Transformers mount conveniently on any of the single phase LTP Series SSRs.


  • Zero-Crossover or Phase Angle Fired
  • Line (AC) or Low Voltage (DC) Triggers
  • Single and Three Phase
  • 240 VAC or 660 VAC Ratings
  • Loads to 60 Amps
  • High Efficiency Heat Sinks
  • Easy DIN Rail Mounting