Data Acquisition and Logging Software From Love Controls

LoveLink™III Data Acquisition and Logging Software is the second generation of data acquisition software from Love Controls. This easy to use program allows connection of up to 40 controls on a single computer port. Data logging can be set up by individual control with varying logging periods. LoveLink™III Software is compatible with all Love Controls 2600, 8600, 16A, 16L, 16S, 32A and 32DZ Series controls and the PP45 Series Indicators.


  • Address and Store Data for up to 40 Controls
  • Data Logging at Individually Adjustable Rates
  • On-sceen Graphing for up to 10 Zones
  • Upload and Download Control Configuration Profiles
  • Save and Retrieve Profile to/from Disk
  • Easy to Use Operator Interface
  • Supports Love 2600, 8600, 16A, 16L, 32A and 32DZ Series Controls and PP45 Series Indicators
  • Low Cost

Computer Requirements:
Intel compatible 486 and above. Windows® 95/98 and Windows® NT™ Workstation 4.0 (Service Pack 3 recommended), Windows® 2000, and Windows® XP with 4 MB hard disk space and a free RS-232/RS-485 port.


Computer Requirements

The LOVELINK™III software application will run on Windows® 95/98 and Windows® NT™ Workstation 4.0 (Service Pack 3 recommended), Windows® 2000, and Windows® XP Software. The hardware requirements for each of these operating systems can be found in the documentation provided with that operating system. One available RS-232 or RS-485 port is needed to communicate with the temperature control(s). A minimum of 4 MB of hard disk space is needed for the LOVELINK™III software application files, and additional hard disk space is needed to store temperature log files. Log file size will vary depending on the Duration and Rate selected for the controls and the number of controls on line.

Control Requirements

The temperature controls supported by LOVELINK™III software are the Love 2600, 8600, 16A, 16L, 32A, 32DZ, and PP45 Series (with Options 992 or 996, RS-485 Serial Communications; or Options 993 or 995, RS-232 Serial Communications). (Note: The 32A and 32DZ Series supports RS-485 communications only. The PP45 supports only Options 995 and 996.)

Other Requirements

To communicate with controls equipped with Options 992 or 996, RS-485 Serial Communications, from an RS-232 communications port, an RS-485 or RS-232 converter (Mother Node) is needed. The converter models recommended are the Love Models 351, 352, and 356. For RS-485 systems a 120-ohm resistor is also needed to terminate the last control on the control network. Shielding twisted pair cable is recommended for wiring the controls together.

LoveLink™III Software is easy to setup and use. A complete manual is available on disk and is installed with the program in handy PDF format.
Among the features of LoveLink™III Software is the data logging capability. Each individual instrument can have its own log file with individual start and stop times and log frequency. Log files are simple CSV type, readable by any text reader and spreadsheet program. Log files may also be read directly through LoveLink™III Software.
If you aren't sure what units are on line, there is a 'Find Units' screen that will scan the port and report which units are at which addresses using which protocol.
Another handy feature is the status display. This gives a handy snapshot of a single instrument. Current process value and set value(s) are displayed. Set value(s) may be modified on this screen as well.
There are a number of screens which allow you to configure the controls remotely. You can download existing profiles, modify them, save them to disk, even retrieve stored profiles and automatically upload them to an instrument or group of instruments. This can be done on an individual basis or in a batch.
The powerful system monitor screen lets you sell all 40 instruments on a single screen. Unit names, addresses, PVs, SVs, alarm status, and ramp/soak status are all displayed in an easy to read format. SVs and ramp/soak values or status may be changed individually or all at once.
Even controls with ramp/soak funciton can be profiled and remotely operated.
There is also a real time graph plot screen where up to ten PVs may be displayed at the same time. This function is independent from the data logging feature.


LOVELINK™III software Service Manual