Handheld Digital Thermocouple Thermometer Series 472 From Love Controls

The Series 472 Digital Thermocouple Thermometer is a precision general purpose thermometer designed for use with Type J or Type K thermocouples that can be field calibrated. A standard ANSI thermocouple connector allows the use of a wide variety of probe styles. The unit records and displays minimum and maximum temperature readings and has a 20 minute auto power off to conserve the battery. The 4-1/2 digit LCD is backlit for dark or low light conditions.


  • High accuracy temperature measurement using Type J and Type K thermocouples.
  • Measures in degrees Fahrenheit or degrees Celsius.
  • Selectable resolution for readings in degree or in 0.1 degree increments.
  • Differential or relative temperature measurement using the mode.
  • Stores and recalls up to 25 temperature measurements in either normal or mode.


Probe Types: Type J and K Thermocouples.
Probe Connection: ANSI female mini-connector.
Input Protection: 50V rms.
Temperature: Range: J: -350 to 2192°F (-210 to1200°C); K: -418 to 2500°F (-250 to 1372°C); Accuracy: 0.1% of reading ±0.7°F/0.4°C (> -150°C); 0.1% of reading ±2°F/1°C (< -150°C); Resolution: 0.1° (below 1999°).
Linearization: Conforms to NIST monograph 175 revised to ITS-90.
Operating Conditions: Stated accuracy: 64 to 82°F (18 to 28°C).
Operating Ambient Temperature: 14 to 104°F (-10 to 40°C).
Temperature: -40 to 176°F (-40 to 80°C).
Display: Dual 4-1/2 digit LCD.
Battery: 9 Volt alkaline.
Battery Life: 200 hours (typical).
Memory: 25 samples (normal or DT mode).
Housing Size: 6-9/16" H x 2-13/16" W x 29/32" D (166 x 71 x 23 mm).

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