Slip Ring Assembly

Applications replace traditional Slip Ring Assembly with superior Mercotac Connectors

A traditional slip ring assembly is no match for the superior benefits of Mercotac rotating electrical connectors, such as the benefit of a highly reliable connection that is low in electrical noise and low in maintenance. Therefore, many OEM machinery manufacturers are discovering the benefits of specifying Mercotacs in their designs. Some of the applications that are benefiting from the use of Mercotac connectors will be described here.

There are various types of laminating machinery that require a slip ring assembly or rotary electrical contact. Due to the sensitivity of this type of laminating process to fluctuations in temperature, it is critical that the temperature sensing circuit be reliable and accurate. Unfortunately, using a slip ring assembly or standard electrical slip ring may cause problems due to electrical noise and degradation of signal produced by the rubbing contacts of the sliprings. Designers and plant maintenance personnel who have switched to Mercotac connectors are ecstatic about the results, relating how reliable and accurate the temperature control has become. Down time is reduced and efficiency and output is improved.

Another important application that often uses a traditional slip ring assembly is packaging machinery. Most packaging machines use some type of commutator or slip ring as a connection to the moving parts that are heated to seal the packages closed after they are filled. Some machines use heated rollers while others use heated crimpers. In addition to passing current to the heater elements, temperature must be maintained by reading data back to a controller, and it's important to conduct the signal with minimal electrical noise. It is desirable to pass the power and the signal through the same rotating electrical connector in order to minimize the number of connector parts that must be built into the machine. The Mercotac Modular Series provides the ideal low cost slip ring for these types of applications. Both power and signal are passed through a single connector with near zero electrical noise. Thus providing accurate temperature co 9B1 ntrol and reliable power transmission.

Another form of slip ring assembly is the signal slip ring. One of the more popular uses of this type of slipring is in video cable inspection reels. In order to inspect underground pipes, a video camera must be attached to the end of a cable that is fed into the pipe for inspection. These cables are stored on reels which feed the signal back to a video monitor. At the junction of the stationary wires feeding the monitor and the rotating cable on the reel there must be a rotating electrical connector with superior transmission capabilities to provide a clean video signal. Many companies that manufacture cable reel inspection systems rely on Mercotac connectors for their slipring needs. The near zero electrical noise and superior transmission of Mercotac sliprings is the ideal solution for cable reel inspection systems.

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