All-Polyimide Heaters from Minco

All-Polyimide Heaters Operate to 260ºC
New Thermofoil™ heaters from Minco combine Kapton® insulation with polyimide adhesive to achieve a temperature rating of 260ºC (482ºF) 50ºC higher than previously possible with Kapton heaters and 15ºC higher than silicone rubber heaters. The new construction, called "AP", allows 50% more power 80 watts per square inch (13 watts per square centimeter) - for faster warm-up and rapid response to changing heat loads. The result is higher throughput in many thermal processes.

All-Polyimide Heaters are suitable for vacuum use with outgassing less than 0.01% collected volatile condensable material. They stand up to most processing and cleaning chemicals, making them an excellent choice for ultra-pure processes. Applications include semiconductor processing and test, avionics, packaging equipment, and graphics processors.

Heaters may be clamped to heat sinks or factory bonded with polyimide adhesives for complete thermal subassemblies.

All-Polyimide Heaters options include integral temperature sensors and flex-circuit interconnects. Heat patterns can be uniform or custom profiled for the specific application. Profiling adds extra heat at loss points to improve the uniformity of the temperature across the heater.

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