Heaterstat™ Sensorless Temperature Controller from Minco

Minco's popular Heaterstat™ DC controller is now available in custom packages as small as 0.6" x 0.25" x 1.6" (15 x 6.5 x 40 mm), intended for installation on PCB's. Changes to setpoint temperature are made via serial digital input instead of a potentiometer. This feature simplifies interface to digital control electronics.

Heaterstat™ Sensorless Temperature Controller works with a Minco Thermofoil™ or Thermal-Clear™ heater having a high temperature coefficient element (resistance rises with temperature). As the Heaterstat powers the heater it checks element resistance, and shuts off power when temperature reaches setpoint. The result is accurate, energy-saving electronic control without a separate sensor.

In addition to miniature models, currently available only on custom design, Minco offers a range of standard Heaterstats and kits.