Temperature Thermostats and Controllers from Minco Products
We have thousands of MINCO sensors, transmitters and controllers IN STOCK!

MINCO Temperature Thermostats and Controllers Minco offers a complete range of temperature control products from the most basic bi-metal thermostat to an 8 channel microprocessor based controller.

We have the control products for your application and your budget.

If you require a custom built control device we can quote you on your exact requirements. View our complete MINCO stock list here.

Temperature Thermostats and Controllers Product Links
1 Temperature Thermostats
2 CT325 Miniature DC Temperature Controller
3 CT16A Temperature Controller
4 CT15 Temperature Controller
5 CT124 8 Channel Temperature Monitor

CT224 12 Channel Temperature/Process Monitor
Ability to monitor 12 inputs, and mix and match RTD, thermocouple and other 4 to 20 mA signals

7 Heaterstat CT198 Miniature Sensorless Temperature Controller
8 Heaterstat CT281 Sub-Miniature Sensorless Temperature Controller
9 Heaterstat CT288 Sub-Miniature Temperature Sensorless Controller

Custom Temperature Products
Custom Instruments
If you have an application that requires a special temperature device, we can help.


MINCO Temperature Thermostats and Controllers