Sensors for HVAC/R and Process Control from Minco
We are a MINCO stocking distributor, we have thousands of sensors and transmitters IN STOCK!

  • HVAC/R Temperature Sensors and TransmittersHVAC/R Temperature Sensors and TransmittersPlatinum RTD's (100 to 1000 ohm, TCR=385, 391, or 375)
  • 1000 or 2000 ohm nickel-iron RTD's
  • 2252 or 10K ohm thermistors
  • Optional 4 to 20 mA TemptranTM transmitters
  • Room air sensors and transmitters featuring minimal self-heating error
  • Duct averaging sensors with continuous sensing elements in lengths to 50 feet
  • Outside air sensors
  • Fluid sensing: Low cost thermowell assemblies or flexible surface-mounted Thermal-RibbonTM RTD's
  • Duct, Room and Outside Humidity Sensors and Transmitters. Exploison Proof and Intrinsically safe versions
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HVAC/R Temperature Sensors and Transmitters - all sensors, or choose sections below

  Individual HVAC/R Temeperature Sensors and Transmitters sections
Humidity Transmitter and Humidity/Temperature Transmitter
Explosionproof Humidity/Temperature Transmitter
Instrinsically Safe Humidity/Temperature Transmitter
Chill-Out TM Combination Sensor
Room Air Temperature Sensors
Duct and Outside Air
Averaging Temperature Sensors
Fluid Immersion Temperature Sensors
Flexible Thermal-Ribbon & Pipe Sensors
Comparing Thermal-Ribbon Pipe Sensor to Thermowell Pipe Sensor
Elements and Probes
Thermal Vial TM Temperature Sensing System
Refrigeration and Freezer Temperature Sensor and Transmitter
Sump Temperature Sensor


HVAC/R Temperature Sensors and Transmitters