Thermal Vial™ RTD Temperature Sensing System
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New temperature sensing system for laboratory refrigerators and freezers.

The Thermal Vial™ (patent pending) is a new temperature sensing system for ultralow freezer, cryogenic storage, blood bank, and other medical and scientific storage applications to -269°C (4K).

The system includes a precision RTD probe, match calibrated 4-20 mA transmitter in a moisture proof enclosure, ruggedized flexible cable, and a fluid-filled container that lets the sensor mimic the thermal response of other freezer contents.

Freezer sensors are subject to false alarms when doors are opened and temperature momentarily rises. The Thermal VialTM container acts as a thermal ballast to delay reaction and provides a repeatable time response. It can be filled with cryopreservatives, alcohol, water, ethylene glycol solutions, or any other solution to accurately emulate the material being processed or stored.

The sealed Thermal VialTM eliminates the problems of spillage and contamination of contents. The large (50 mm x 50 mm) footprint provides extra stability on a shelf or rack, while allowing easy repositioning.

NIST traceable certification of compliance and calibration data are provided at no additional charge.