Custom Products

Custom Capabilities

Over the years Minco has made many custom products for clients. If you have an application that requires a special temperature device, we can help. Minco designs and manufactures simple on/off controls as well as more complex microcontroller based systems and custom transmitters. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

List of Custom Products

12-Channel Temperature Controller with independent control for each channel
Small Bottle Heater and Controller
Controller / Monitor / Transmitter
2-Channel Indicator
  • Powered by a battery, DC voltage, or loop-powered.
  • Voltage output proportional to temperature.
Proportional Controller 
  • This controller is 100% surface mount.
High Current Controller
  • This controller is able to handle up to 20A.
Dual Power Controller
  • This controller can accept two different DC input voltages.
Custom Controller for Chill-Out System
  • 24VAC powered controller for Chill-Out.