10,000 Ohm Flexible RTD Temperature Sensor
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A new surface-mount style temperature sensor packs a 10,000 ohm platinum RTD into a flat package measuring only 5 x 15 mm (0.2" x 0.6"), and less than 2 mm (0.08") thick over the sensing area. The large base resistance, compared to more common 100 and 1,000 ohm versions, gives this new RTD a sensitivity of nearly 40 ohms per degree C. That allows precise 2-wire measurements over narrow temperature intervals using simple input circuits. Yet, at the same time, the RTD follows the well-defined platinum curve over the extended range of -50 to 200°C (-58 to 392°F).

Medical instrumentation is one application that will benefit from the 10,000 ohm RTD. This industry, needing to accurately measure within a few degrees of 37°C (98.6°F), has traditionally selected thermistors for their dramatic sensitivity. The new RTD's, however, also provide excellent resolution plus the additional advantages of RTD linearity, stability, standardization, and wide temperature range.

The new RTD meets the tolerance requirements of IEC 751, Class B. Fully encapsulated in Kapton® polyimide with Teflon leadwires, they will withstand harsh environments, caustic chemicals, and rough handling. The flat laminated design makes installation as simple as taping or cementing the RTD to the surface to be sensed.