Stator RTD's Meet EEx e II Standards
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Stator RTD's Certified to EEx e II Standards

KEMA, a certification body located in the Netherlands, has tested and approved (KEMA No. Ex-96.D.1529 U) selected models of Minco stator winding RTD's for EEx e II Increased Safety Standards. The sensors are rated for hazardous atmospheres as defined by European Standards:

  • EN 50 014 (Electrical Apparatus For Potentially Explosive Atmospheres, General Requirements)
  • EN 50 019 (Increased Safety "e")

Stator RTD's are fit between the windings of a motor or generator, to provide early warning of temperature rise to prevent insulation overheating and catastrophic machine failure. Minco also manufactures sensors for bearings (probe style or embedded) and electronic monitors and alarms for protection of rotating machinery.

The new EEx models are available in inch or millimeter dimensions, and with platinum or nickel RTD elements to U.S. or European standards. The element can be either wire-wound to average temperatures along the length of the slot or a thin-film for point sensing.