Recorders and Data Acquisition
Circular Chart Recorders
Love Controls
Series LCR10 Circular Chart Recorder

Single Pen, Clockwise or Counter-Clockwise Rotation
Love Controls
Series LCR20 Dual Pen Chart Recorder

Dual Pen, Adjustable Rotation Speeds, Selectable Recording Times

Strip Chart Recorders
Love Controls
Series 1200 Minigraph Recorders

Temperature and Process Inputs
Strip Chart Recorder - 100 mm
1 or 2 channel, or 6 point recording versions
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Hybrid Recorder RM18L Series
The RM18L Hybrid Recorder which allows digital printout on an analog trend or pen traces on 180 mm wide chart paper. The RM18L has simple, flexible and reliable functions in a 288 x 288 mm DIN size case.

Data Acquisition
Love Controls
Model LoveLink™III Data Acquisition and Logging Software

Designed for Love Temperature Controller Interface
Love Controls
Series 350 Mother Node™ Communication Signal Converter

Converts RS-232 to RS-485, Isolates & Repeats