Fractional HP Current Sensors/Switches

H120 Datasheet
H120 Install

The H120 Zone Ventilation Device provides cotnrol and status for all fractional horsepower motors commonly used in Zone specific mechanical system control. The installation of the relay and current switch are automatically made by connecting the relay contacts...saves the labor of mounting a traditional separate current switch.

H500 Datasheet
h535 Install
h535ns Install
H54x Install
h54xns Install
H540 Eng Spec
H548 Eng Spec

The 500 Series combines an industrial grade load switching relay, current status switch and Hand-Off-Auto (HOA) switch in an easy to install remote enclosure making hte series ideal for monitoring, directly controlling,a nd troubleshooting teh cotnrol wiring of fractional horsepower motors.

H280 Datasheet
H280 Install

The H280 Load Status Switch monitors manually switched loads (e.g., lights/fans in bathrooms). Provides status for loads that a control system doesnt have the ability to control, or for loads that do not require a control system to control them. Saves cost by not having to connect a D.O. to prove status.