Miniature Heating Elements from Minco

Miniature Heating Elements For Electronic Components
Thermofoil™ heaters now come in sizes as small as 0.25" x 0.25" (6.4 mm x 6.4 mm) to fit electronic components. Applications include temperature stabilization of crystal oscillators, thermal stress testing of integrated circuits, and simulation of heat-emitting components to evaluate performance of cooling systems.

The polyimide heaters mount directly to component bodies with self-stick adhesive, or may be clamped underneath. They operate from -200 to 200ºC (-328 to 392ºF) with power ratings to 50 watts per square inch. All heaters have optional UL component recognition and meet NASA standards for vacuum outgassing.

Twelve inch leadwires are standard for electrical termination; solder pads or flex circuits are available as a custom option.

Heaters may be ordered with temperature-sensitive elements for use with the Heaterstat™ sensorless temperature controller. This unique controller senses temperature as it powers the heater for precise solid state control without a separate sensor.