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CT16A Series Temperature / Process Controller

Minco CT16A Temperature Controller

This economical controller packs sophisticated PID control into a compact 1/16 DIN enclosure. A wide range of control modes, sensor input types, and relay or SSR outputs give versatile control of Thermofoil™ heaters and lets you easily connect to other electronics.


• Dual displays continuously show the set point and the actual temperature reading in resolutions of 1°,    0.1°, or engineering units.

• Universal Input fits any sensor: Select from 10 thermocouple types, 4 RTD types, voltage, and current  signals.

• Isolated Outputs for safe, easy wiring.

• Loop Break protection handles sensor or heater failure.

• Peak / Valley records the maximum and minimum temperatures.

• Front panel is waterproof and corrosion-resistant, making it ideal for sanitary applications. Illuminated keypad for easy operation.

• Limit the temperatures which the operator can set via four password-protected Security Levels.

• Controller can Self-Tune for best PID control.

• Control modes: Self-Tune, pre-set or adjustable PID values, simple On/Off control, and open loop.

• Fuzzy Logic provides better response time and reduces overshoot in processes with unpredictable inputs.

• Alarms at one or two temperatures.

• Alarm Relay option is programmable for high, low, absolute, or deviation, can be reset manually or automatically, and controls a single electromechanical relay with voltage-free contacts.                                                 

• Auto / Manual option easily switches to manual control for set up or experiments (CT16A3).

• RS-232 or RS-485 Serial Communications access the temperature readings and all control parameters (optional).

• Retransmit either the sensed temperature or the set point as a voltage or current signal to a computer or recorder (optional).

• 4-Stage Set Point Point to quickly switch from one temperature to the next (optional).

• Ramp & Soak option handles complex heating profiles of 16 segments with front-panel activation and a selectable time base (CT16A3).







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